More About Bailey

The happiest day of my life as a kid was seeing a horse trailer pull into our driveway and a Shetland pony named Nicholas stepped out. He was mine and I was beyond thrilled, even after he became a Houdini and learned to escape, I used to pretend that my space hopper was a pony and I would pretend I was show jumping, I had a box full of Breyers horse figurines, and as I grew older Flicka became my world. I guess you can say I was your stereo typical "Horse Crazy" girl.

As I grew older I dove into photography with just a simple point and shoot camera and I was focused on capturing the world around me. Pets, nature, family, myself, nothing was off limits. In high school I was gifted an old Canon film camera that I have and use to this day. There is something so special to me about capturing special moments in time and having them for all of eternity.

In May of 2021 I just KNEW I had to combine my passion of photography with my love of horses and create something I am truly proud of. Within the past year each photo session I leave gives me a renewed sense of excitement and wonder and makes me even more excited to capture the next connection between a rider and her horse. I truly understand the importance of having those memories captured, so that one day you can look back on those photos and the memories that you shared.

The more I take photos of others, the more my love for photography evolves and changes. I no longer take just photos of horses and their humans but also photos of just you, the wonderful person reading this. While taking photos of horses are my PASSION, I also fully enjoy creating art with those who may not own horses and are looking for a way to love and accept themselves in the most beautiful way possible.

Our Mascot- Nell

In May of 2023, I saw this fuzz ball pop up on my Facebook page from a local shelter. After losing my dog Mia in February due to cancer, I felt like a part of our lives were missing something. So, I went and got Nell, she was my Mother's Day gift from my husband. She has livened up the household while also making me question my sanity. She is a Pit Bull Terrier Mix and will be a chonky girl when she's full grown. I have every intention of training her to be my main photo subject, definitely keep an eye out for more photos of her as she grows!

" Photographing the trust and dedication you and your horse have for each other."

" Photographing the trust and dedication you and your horse have for each other."